Walking shoes to beat the blues: Birkenstock’s are a gallery-owner’s best friend

Galleries host an array of art and working in one, you get to interact with creative expressions. Although working in an art gallery is fun, it involves a few hour of walking around which could be hectic for some people. Anderson works in a busy gallery and he is responsible for most activities related to art. He talks about a typical day at work and how he copes.

A day at work

One of the most important aspects of the business is having the best art on display. Unless you have all artists working next door, you’ll have to travel far and wide in search of great pieces. Every day, new works of art are made and as a business, you need to keep up with upcoming works. Though it might not be always productive, you have to go to the artist and check out. If it’s up to the accepted standards, the deals are closed and if possible add the artist to your list.

Locally, it’s important to move from one gallery to the other and see what they have stocked. From there, you can draw inspiration and know what should appear on display in your gallery. When you take regular visits, it’s possible to identify what is in demand and with a keen eye, you can predict the trends in the industry.

However, walking for hours is never easy considering that there is no time to waste on the entire schedule. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your wardrobe offers comfortable options for busy days. The most crucial factor when walking for long distances is the shoes you put on. Make the right choice and the entire trip will be easy and enjoyable. But if you haven’t found the right shoe, your job will be unbearable in the long run.

After trying several options, Anderson discovered that the Birkenstocks were the best fit for his job. They are comfortable to walk in and they make him maintain his professional appearance.

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Birkenstock Harris

Birkenstock Harris

The boot offers a classic look to complement its versatile design that is ideal for people spending several hours standing or walking. The Harris is perfect for any occasion and will easily go with most dress codes.

The boots come with a cork footbed similar to most comfortable sandals and clogs. Perhaps the only variation between the footbed on this boot and the comfortable sandals is the metatarsal ridge. But the Harris gives an outstanding performance in arch support, balanced, and heel stability.

Many desert boots have a raised heel with no arch support making them unsuitable for a long day at work. But the Harris has shown a huge advancement in the foot bed which makes a work day easy to cope with. The design minimizes the uncomfortable wobbles common with several boots. At the same time, it gives enough support that is necessary for maintaining a good posture.

The workmanship on these shoes is awesome. The classic boot has hand-worked leather and a solid stitching. With high grain leather on the production line, the manufacturer has ensured a top-notch quality control. Whether at work, home, or a nature trail, the sole has sufficient traction for maximum comfort.

When your job involves lots of walking and standing, you don’t want a pair that wears out too soon. Unlike normal desert boots that wear out easily, the Harris lasts years. The well thought sole design helps in maintaining normal walking style for durability.

Clark’s Tilden Walk Oxford

Clark’s Tilden Walk Oxford

These are game changers in Clark’s line of shoes. Although they appear similar to normal shoes in this line, they have awesome features that give you the much-needed comfort. For people spending long hours standing, these shoes could make a difference.

The shoes are very flexible and the top has some gores that maximize movement without the uncomfortable pinch. Because leather will breathe naturally, the shoes stay cool on hot days. The light finish gives them an enhanced ability to regulate temperature. This Clark also comes with side gores that will allow the feet to comfortably swell during a work day.

The Ortholite insole is designed to offer good cushioning. The material used on the insole is similar to what is seen in high-performance athletic shoes. The traction on the sole makes them perform exceptionally well on several floor surfaces. Even when a single pair is used constantly, it can outlast most leather shoes in this category.  


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