Very cool: plans for a new museum and art space in Australia!

Plans for a global museum of the future are now complete with the government making a financial commitment. The Art Gallery of NSW will undergo a transformational expansion that will see it become a global museum. The government has set aside $244 million to facilitate the contemporary expansion.

beautiful garden

The investment will be focused on linking the gallery to the Royal Botanical Garden in Sydney. This development will provide more space for art, education, live performances, and film. The work is scheduled to start in 2019 and be complete by 2021 to accommodate the gallery’s 150th anniversary.

Plans were previously faced by major setbacks  

Plans to expand the gallery had been conceptualized in 2013 but there had been a lot of hardships. Budget issues, incongruent visions, and aggressive infighting has held the project at bay until now. In 2015, the former prime minister criticized the idea and argued that it had nothing to do with art.

According to him, this was all about the money. He went further claiming that the plans were all about idolized events as well as increasing harbor views and creation of expensive venues for hire. But the AGNSW confirmed that the gallery, as well as the planned expansions, was purely about art.

According to the NSW arts minister, the project has been designed by the architects from the exceptionally unique Japanese firm SANAA. This firm has won prestigious prizes for architectural designs including the Pritzker award. The project is considered to be a commitment worth making once in a generation. The minister also stated that the gallery will be featuring various important art from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

This move will also give NSW an edge over Brisbane and Melbourne who have been hosting major exhibitions. Sydney will become the art attraction and will host international art exhibitions.

However, the AGNSW has to contribute $100 million for the deal to move forward. But there has been an influx of patrons offering to make a contribution to the required capital. As with most modern businesses, partnerships are critical to success and the AGNSW is selecting the ideal contributor to work with on the project.  

Art Gallery of New South Wales

The indigenous art is already safely stored in a basement and its waiting for the space to be set up. This kind of art will be at the heart of the gallery once it’s complete.  This is aimed at changing how people perceive indigenous art and how important it is to the nation. But the extension is not just about having more space for the artwork. On completion, the gallery is hoping to attract more than 200,000 student visitors coming in for educational purposes.


When the project is finally wrapped up, Sydney will become an important destination for all art enthusiasts. And with huge exhibitions taking place, students and tourists will find it irresistible. With all plans in place and all funding almost assured, the expanded gallery is going to be operational by its 150th anniversary.